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About Us

We Help You Win

Our role is to determine the current position of your organisation, campaign or programme, plot the required course given your objectives, and then – within the framework of your goals and beliefs,  identify the actions and positions you should be taking and those you should avoid. We then monitor progress, suggest alternative routes when we encounter obstacles and ensure that we are always in tune with what you’re doing

Our Process

We start by conducting an in-depth situational analysis with you. We then collaborate to design the research, do the fieldwork and analyse and present the findings, which is translated into actionable strategy. If needed, we can go into great depth, both elaborating on and analysing any data-set, in line with a client’s needs and requirements. Our goal is not simply to make data understandable, but to explain its implications.

Why We're Different

Our roots are in the intensely competitive world of political campaigning where clients rely on our work to make the decision by which they live or die. Here there is no ambiguity about the value of our research – we were either right, or we were wrong. That’s why we have learnt to produce rigorous, accurate research fast.
We understand how important it is those two things – efficiency and accuracy – work hand in glove, in any competitive market. We have the capability to turn around a fully representative research study of the population – both in South Africa and abroad – in as little as a week, including questionnaire design, fieldwork and delivery of top-line research findings

In turn, we can help you understand what those findings mean for a client’s objectives. We know there are real-world consequences to the decisions you take, and we will never simply ask questions and churn out data.